3 British Road Trips to Experience The Morgan Way

Britain is home to many great things. Amongst an array of other wonders, Britain boats great food, great cars, and great scenery. Here at London Morgan, we’re usually occupied with the second in the list, but today we thought we’d celebrate the second and the third together.


We understand that many people purchase a Morgan to pursue adventures in style, so we’ve put together a list of our favourite UK road trips for you to discover The Morgan Way this summer.


Number 1 – NC500

An image of the Scottish Highlands.

We’re choosing to begin with the most epic road trip you can take in Britain, and according to some, the world. The NC500 (or North-Coast 500) both begins and ends at Inverness Castle, a medieval beauty that sets the tone for your 500mile trip through the Scottish highlands. 


There are awe-inspiring views, quaint settlements and historic sites to explore around every corner, and plenty of hotels/B&Bs to enjoy after a long day. It might be a long way up from London, but given that people come to see the NC500 from across the globe, the distance should not be a hurdle for you. Besides, it gives you significantly more time to enjoy your Morgan.


How to Experience the NC500 The Morgan Way


Our pick for hitting the NC500 in style would be the 4/4, the lightest Morgan in the classic range. This slick, flexible motor allows is suited to the finesse required for winding roads. Conversely, the 4/4 can reach naught to sixty in eight seconds, meaning you’ll never miss an opportunity to embrace the long stretches of road the highlands offer to the fullest.


When the weather is fine, it’s likely that you will be coasting through the highlands with the hood down. Roads can get as high as 625miles above sea level, so be prepared for a chill. Morgan Thinsulate Leather Driving Gloves will protect your hands and act as a perfect accompaniment to your motor. 


Finally, you are bound to meet fellow Morgan enthusiasts on your trip, so why not sport a stylistic Morgan 4/4 Cowl Badge to confirm you mean business. 

Did You Know?


The Scottish Highlands is one of the best spots in the world to view the Northern Lights. For the greatest chance of having this magical experience, plan to embark upon your road trip between the months of April and August.


Number 2 – The Lake District


An image of the Lake District

Situated in Cumbria, North-West England, The Lake District is a worthy area for any Morgan owner to consider exploring. The Lake District boasts sublime mountain vistas and is stopped in cultural history. 


The wonderful thing about The Lake District is that you can take practically any route around the area and be rewarded with stunning views. It’s for this reason we’ve opted to provide you with some must-see locations rather than offer a definitive route.


If you’re driving up from London, Kendal will most likely be your first port of call. It’s a perfect place to check-in to a hotel and recharge after a long stint on the M6. Ensure you make time to experience the independent shops, pubs and coffee houses before you leave, as the majority will offer you something new, special and unique.


It’s difficult to pick a highlight of the lake district, but ours would be Keswick – a quaint market town that lies close to Lake Windermere. It’s here you could let your Morgan rest for a few hours while you enjoy some scenic walks, or, if that’s simply too much to ask (and we’d understand), treat your Morgan to a lap or two of the lake.


Did You Know?


The Lake District is stooped in literary history, especially when it comes to the Romantic poets. William Wordswoth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Robert Southey all resigned in the Lake District at one time or another, earning the trio the title of ‘Lake Poets’.


How to Experience The Lake District The Morgan Way


The Lake District showcases nature at its finest, so what better way to show our appreciation than by touring it with the new Plus 6? BMW’s Turbo six-cylinder inline engine offers lower fuel consumption and lower emissions. With the Plus 6, being environmentally aware has never been more stylish.

If you’re planning on doing a bit of walking, you’ll need to pack some warm clothes. Our branded Leather Travel Bag features genuine leather and is easily transportable.


Number 3 – Cotswolds

An image of some flowers in the Cotswolds.

The Cotswolds is the second largest protected landscape in Britain (after the Lake District), featuring almost 800sq miles of beautiful, rural landscape. Taking between 2 and 3 hours to get there from London, it’s a bit closer to home than other features in this list, suitable for a long weekend or even a day-trip if you’re just looking to take in the sights.


The combination of rolling hills and picturesque villages makes the Cotswolds a perfect getaway. Castle Combe is a must visit, with some buildings in the village dating back to the 17th century. There’s also a racecourse nearby, built upon an old RAF airfield. 

It would be impossible to list every village of note in the Cotswolds, but others include Bibury, Bredon, and Lower Slaughter (which is nowhere near as ominous as it sounds!).


Aside from the villages, there’s also a vast array of attractions to explore. Whiskey connoisseurs can enjoy a tour of the Cotswold Distillery in Stourton, while others with more historical interests might seek out Tewkesbury Abbey, a former Benedictine monastery. 


Did You Know?


The Cotswolds has one of the lowest population densities in the UK, giving you plenty of wide open space to burn some rubber!


How To Experience The Cotswolds The Morgan Way


The Cotswolds is a quintessentially English location that celebrates the rich heritage of our country. It’s an escape to what life might have been like in the olden days, and what better way to make that escape than in an iconic Morgan 3 Wheeler.

It’s traditional shape can be dated back one hundred years. The purpose of its design is to make you feel as though you’re flying, and this vision can be seen in its leather padded cockpit, aircraft controls, and S&S 1983cc V Twin engine.


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We’re Morgan enthusiasts that always have a range of second hand Morgans available to purchase. If you’re looking to get away this summer, make the dream a reality and consider a roadtrip in a Morgan of your very own.


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