Are Morgan Cars Still Made like They Used to Be?

Answers to Our Most Common Questions


We are frequently asked a series of related questions, which we have taken the time here to provide answers for.


Are Morgan Cars Still Made?


Morgan Cars are currently in their 111th year of production – the company began manufacturing in 1909 and is very much still in operation today. 


With the two World Wars providing the only exceptions (no-one was manufacturing cars during this tumultuous time), Morgan cars have never actually been out of production. Our Malvern factory continues to play host to some of Britain’s finest vehicular manufacture, and there are no plans to change that.

Morgan Motor Company recently celebrated its 110th anniversary with a series of special, limited-edition cars. Whether you’re more taken in by our traditional 3-Wheeler model or the all-new, dynamic Plus Six, this landmark acts as a timely reminder of Morgan’s evergreen, long-lasting quality.

Below, we’ve also taken the time to address some other frequently asked questions. 


Are Morgans still made of wood?


Every car, including the aforementioned Plus Six, makes use of a traditional coach-build ash frame.


It is a common misconception – the Chinese whisper, even, of the motoring world – that Morgan chassis are all made of wood. By contrast, steel chassis have always been used in Morgan manufacture, and it is the skeletal frame that adds the renowned wooden touch to our vehicles. 


This frame forms the basis of every Morgan car, and has become a reliable source of the distinguishable Morgan shape. It’s also probably where the Chinese whispers come from – Morgan cars do, indeed, make good use of wood during production. It’s extremely effective and offers excellent levels of control. Once the frame has been covered by a series of aluminium panels, few mistake the identity as a Morgan in its early stages of development. 


So yes, the manufacture of Morgan cars still uses wood – just not necessarily in the way many are led to believe.


What is the waiting list like for Morgan cars?


The waiting time on a Morgan car varies on a number of factors, from the time of year to the vehicle model in question. For more detailed information and advice on Morgan waiting lists, please read our dedicated article.


How do I enquire?


To enquire about any of our models, please contact the London Morgan team between the hours of 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday. To get in touch, you can call us on 020 7244 7323 or fill in one of our easy-to-use online contact forms. 


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