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June 7, 2019

How Long is the Wait on a Morgan Car?

The wait on a Morgan ranges from three months to six months. The period of time from initial customer enquiry to completion depends partially on the individual customer’s circumstances, and partly on the demand at any given time of year. It is, however, impossible to provide a blanket, all-encompassing answer simply because Morgan cars are […]

The Kensington Motor Company View on Automotive Investment Opportunities

The time has come to begin an ordered, thoughtful and considered collection.   The classic car market has recently fallen in some areas and deservedly so. Driven, if you will excuse the pun, by an oversaturation of the market with “classic car specialists” attempting to sell various average vehicles for “all the money” has seemingly […]

May 13, 2019

Morgan’s Place Among the Classic British Cars

Morgan has spent 110 years earning its spot in the upper echelons of classic British cars. Accompanied by the likes of Aston Martin and Rolls Royce, Morgan can indubitably claim to be one of the country’s finest when it comes to traditional British motor companies.   Here, we assess what makes Morgan such an integral […]

May 8, 2019

A Closer Look at the All-New Morgan Plus Six

As part of our appearance at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, we unveiled our all-new Morgan Plus Six. During the weeks since, our new model has received a host of superb reviews, with our latest addition to the Morgan family representing the perfect blend of innovation and traditional heritage.   Here, we examine what makes […]

April 26, 2019

How to Pack for a Summer Road Trip With London Morgan

With blossom-covered trees now lining the country’s roads, and the mercury inside thermometers generally creeping up, it’s time to start planning for summer.   That means lighter evenings and fewer layers required by all, but it also provides the opportunity for an easy, relaxing road trip. Such moments often are reserved for the warmer months, […]

March 15, 2019

London Morgan at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show

A Hotly-anticipated Debut   Our all-new Plus Six model debuted at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, which began on March 7th. That in itself was enough to encourage a whole host of fans and press to prioritise the London Morgan stand this year, although they rarely need an excuse. Displayed in both classic Morgan green […]

March 6, 2019

Celebrating Morgan’s Achievements on the Track

We recently provided an insight into the prestigious history of the Morgan Motor Company and, in so doing, mentioned some of our achievements on the track. Since our establishment in 1909, we have remained at the forefront of the motor industry both in terms of racing and the broader world of manufacturing, and we believe […]

January 29, 2019

Morgan Motor Company: A Brief History

Here at London Morgan, we are extremely proud of our origins. As the country’s leading recognised dealer of Morgan vehicles, we thought it only right to provide our customers with a brief overview of the past 110 years of Morgan Motor Company.   Few manufacturers can claim to have made such an impact on the […]

December 19, 2018

London Morgan – A Year in The Limelight

“The Morgan is not like other cars, and it does not seek to be. It is beautiful, it is strange; it is very nearly mad. People who own a Morgan speak as if from inside a cult.” – Tanya Gold, Vogue   From the dizzying luxury of The London Magazine’s wish list, to the eccentrically […]

December 10, 2018

Road Trips from London for a Magnificent Morgan Getaway

As they say, it’s not about the destination – it’s about the journey, and when you journey out from London in one of our impressive Morgans, that motto will never have felt more true. With that in mind, we’ve put together our favourite road trips from London to get you away from The Old Smoke […]