Charlie Morris and Hugo Taylor of Taylor Morris Eyewear #MyLondonMorgan

Hugo Taylor and Charlie Morris are behind the cult British sunglasses brand Taylor Morris. We caught up with the designer duo who created a special range with Morgan to celebrate the 3 Wheeler to ask them about cars, fashion and what they love about London.


A photo of Hugo Taylor outside of Bluebirds in London sipping a drink, leaning against a red Morgan Motor 3 wheeler


The London Morgan: Where are you both from, where did you grow up and where do you live now?
Charlie Morris: Born and raised in West London, went to school in the West country (Somerset) so have a huge love for the outdoors. Still currently live in West London, 100% would like to live overseas at some point in my life.
Hugo Taylor: I am born and raised in Chelsea and now live in Notting Hill.


The London Morgan: We spotted you out in London in the Morgan 3 Wheeler, what was it that attracted you to the car?
Charlie Morris: The 3 Wheeler is exceptional, the originality of it is incredible but also oozes with coolness. Went for ride in one recently down the Kings Rd, pretty much everyone turned round from the noise of it and started snapping away. You forget how low you are to the ground, at the traffic lights I put my hand out the car and was touching the pavement. It’s a superb piece of kit.
Hugo Taylor: Morgan has the most illustrious and fascinating heritage. The 3 wheeler was the first car they ever made and its still part of their fleet. It has a rogue attitude to it which we identify with.



The London Morgan: What was it like to drive? Where did you drive the car?
Charlie Morris: Shhhhhhh still working on my licence!


The London Morgan: How did you get started in the fashion world and what inspired you to start your sunglasses line?
Charlie Morris: I’ve always been super attracted to fashion, eyewear in particular since I was a youngster. Everything has worked out very organically with TM though, we self-funded it from the beginning and have been going since September 2013. Hugo and myself wanted to start something of our own, at the right price point but with the best quality possible, we saw a gap in the market there.
Hugo Taylor: I have always been incredibly attracted to sunglasses and had a passion for them since I was about 10. I think our inspiration to start a line came from a “why not” attitude but also the desire to create something which we saw as missing in the market.


A photo of a range of Taylor Morris sunglasses on display in a wooden shelving unit


The London Morgan: You celebrated the Autumn launch at The Bluebird, what do you like about the Chelsea hot spot?
Charlie Morris: Chelsea is where our business is based and where Hugo and myself have spent a lot of our lives. So it makes sense to open our first standalone retail space here, which is in Bluebird on the King’s Road. We built it with our own bare hands a fully bespoke sunglasses Shack, it has a very shabby chic feel, lots of driftwood vibe to it.
Hugo Taylor: Bluebird used to be a hippie clothing market and has a long history in Chelsea. We have our first Taylor Morris shack there as well in the courtyard so we could think of nowhere better to have the launch. They also do the best Bloody Mary’s.


A photo of a red Morgan Motor 3 wheeler outside The Bluebird in London, Chelsea


The London Morgan: Which are your favourite pairs of Taylor Morris sunglasses and how do you style them?
Charlie Morris: I’ve only worn the George Arthur’s for the last two years. It’s very classic frame and is also quite petite in size.
Hugo Taylor: I do own every pair so it’s a tough question to answer. Currently I am wearing the frame we made with Morgan and also just our plain black Raleigh. They are simple, understated but also unique.



The London Morgan: What are your tips for taking a great photo?
Charlie Morris: Lighting is key, I learnt sunrise and sunset is a beautiful time to snap away. Middle of the day not so much as the sun is usually too bright and straight above you.
Hugo Taylor: We produce our own photo shoots all the time with Taylor Morris and the more you do it, the harder it gets as your standards get higher. We are always looking for a special moment and a communication of our mental attitude.


The London Morgan: Tell us about Fashion Week; what are your highlights, what are you looking forward to and what are your survival tips?
Charlie Morris: I’d like to say we are more of a lifestyle brand than fashion, the heart of Taylor Morris is exploration / travel / friendship! To be honest LFW is very intense and I always try and hide from it. Belstaff always put a great show on, apart from that, I try and escape London for the weekend.
Hugo Taylor: LFW is always great fun. I personally always look forward to the Aspinal and Belstaff presentation. In terms of surviving the onslaught we recommend having a pair of mirrored sunglasses to hide the tired eyes.


A photo of a pair of Taylor Morris Sunglasses on display in London


The London Morgan: What are your wardrobe essentials?
Charlie Morris: Black Air Max 90’s, super comfy but also somewhat smart-ish. black jeans from Nude, they do free repairs for life which is super handy, and a couple of denim shirts.
Hugo Taylor: I am obsessed with anything from Ralph Lauren.


The London Morgan: What’s your favourite restaurant?
Charlie Morris: The list is too long. For London I’d go La Famiglia for comfort, reminds me of my family and childhood. Or Kurobuta for fun and reasonably price Asian fusion style. Paris also has some of my favourite restaurants in the world, Chez Paul for your classic / traditional Parisian brasserie, for something more lively try Le Petit Marché also in Paris, their Millefeuille de thon cru is to die for!
Hugo Taylor: Ziani in Chelsea. We have been going there as a family for nearly 25 years and its always perfect


A photo of a Morgan Motor 3 wheeler in a courtyard, seen in the background. In the foreground hangs a sign saying 'No Riff Raff'


The London Morgan: Where’s your ultimate holiday destination?
Charlie Morris: Never been to Nepal or Himalayas, definitely on my bucket list. I’m a sucker for views Also Koh Samui, Thailand as it’s like a second home for me.
Hugo Taylor: Anywhere in Greece. The more remote the better. I also love Provence in South of France. Both are so beautiful in their own very distinct ways


The London Morgan: Which influencers inspire you on Instagram?
Charlie Morris: Travelling accounts mainly, for their mind-blowing images. Not a massive fan of Instagram, I see why it helps business massively, but it can become quite toxic.
Hugo Taylor: Keith Richards, though I would not call him an influencer in the modern sense of the word.


The London Morgan: What advice would you give to a younger you?
Charlie Morris: Get outside more, worried for the younger generations that they’ll be stuck to their screens forever.
Hugo Taylor: To study economics. And to have never listened to an older version of myself.


A photo of a pair of Taylor Morris Sunglasses on display with London Morgan


The London Morgan: What’s next?
Hugo Taylor: We are about to complete a new frame for our collaboration with Morgan but this time inspired by the AREO 8. Exciting times ahead!


Images from AW17 Launch for Taylor Morris’ collaboration with Morgan at Bluebird in London by
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