The History of the Geneva Motor Show


Hosted in the beautiful Swiss city of Geneva, the Geneva Motor Show has become the leading motor show in the world. With no auto industry of its own, Switzerland is the ideal location (in the true Swiss tradition of neutrality) to host the world’s biggest show for new automobile developments, and every notable design hour and automotive manufacturer flocks to the event to showcase their very latest and most sublime innovations, with the Morgan Motor Company leading the way.


The Geneva Motor Show is known not just for its penchant for being the home for many world-firsts (including, of course, the Morgan Motor EV3) but also for its show-stopping, almost outlandish reveals – the concept cars.


The Geneva Motor Show is akin to an automotive art exhibition, or a high-end fashion show – the cars are dramatic, seemingly unattainable, and a true testament to the exquisite design and technology innovations that are present in the automobile industry today. From cars painted with diamonds (not Morgan of course) to speech-led PA’s, the Geneva Motor Show 2017 has not failed to deliver this year.


Founded in 1905 by the Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles, the show is held every March. It has a long history of being the place to see all of the very latest development in automobile technology and design, having hosted most of the major internal combustion engined models in history, as well as benzene and steam-powered cars having premiered under its roof. Now it can also attest to being able to launch the world’s first electric 3-wheeler, thanks to Morgan Motors.


With some of the most high-profile car launches in automobile history all occurring within the Geneva Palexpo, it’s no wonder that the London Morgan team consider Morgan’s presence at the Geneva Motor Show 2017 so important.


On our return, we’ll be bringing back with us the latest in industry news, technology developments, and outstanding pictures of the delicious Morgan cars on display, so, watch this space.