How Long is the Wait on a Morgan Car?

The wait on a Morgan ranges from three months to six months. The period of time from initial customer enquiry to completion depends partially on the individual customer’s circumstances, and partly on the demand at any given time of year. It is, however, impossible to provide a blanket, all-encompassing answer simply because Morgan cars are all built to order.


Morgan Motor Company has a long and prestigious history of pushing the boundaries of innovation when it comes to automotive manufacture, and that would not be the case if due attention and care was not given to each and every vehicle produced. Huge production lines and rushed workmanship are simply not the Morgan way, and they do not lend themselves to the exceptional standard of craftsmanship that has become unanimous with the company.


How the times have changed


While this attention to quality manufacturing has not waned, the wait time is much shorter now than they used to be. During the 1970s and 80s, the Morgan waiting list was roughly ten to fifteen years, meaning that newly-built Morgans sold for significantly more than the list price; often, customers would buy build slots off original customers in order to jump the queue.


Now, the time ranges from three to six months, which is roughly the same length as you would wait for a car from most manufacturers. This quick turnaround is consistently achieved despite each car being coachbuilt to an exact order, be that for a customer or a dealer demo.


A six month wait can be expected for anyone ordering in the summer months, while customers ordering in the early months of winter can expect a three-month wait. Each car takes roughly six to eight weeks to build, from start to finish.


How to enquire


If you are interested in finding out more about Morgan cars, get in touch with the team at London Morgan. You can call us on 020 7244 7323, fill out an online contact form, or pay us a visit at Astwood Mews.