How to Pack for a Summer Road Trip With London Morgan

With blossom-covered trees now lining the country’s roads, and the mercury inside thermometers generally creeping up, it’s time to start planning for summer.
That means lighter evenings and fewer layers required by all, but it also provides the opportunity for an easy, relaxing road trip. Such moments often are reserved for the warmer months, simply because of the increased convenience.
We have spoken before about possible destinations for London Morgan road trips, while we have also looked at a range of luxury items for weekend getaways. Here, though, we concentrate on summer items; that is to say, we have included lightweight and transportable items in our list that are perfect for the warmer months.



Taylor Morris Morgan "C8 Snake Wood" Designer Sunglasses-3517

A reliable, stylish pair of sunglasses represent the logical place to start for any summer road trip blog post. Therefore, they represent arguably your greatest priority.
Unsurprisingly, we would recommend a pair from our own Taylor Morris Morgan designer range. Not only do they make your overall driving experience considerably easier, but they also help complete the perfect look to accompany all of our cars. A blend of classic Morgan heritage and a more modern, sleek design have made these a firm favourite with our customers.
Add in one of our leather glasses cases, too, to ensure that your sunglasses are properly protected. Storing them in your Morgan is always preferable, allowing you to access them at a moment’s notice and preventing you from being caught without them.



Morgan 3 Wheeler Yellow circle T-shirt: BLACK-0

Summer is no time for thick layers, so you will need to ensure that your collection of shirts is up to date. We’re not suggesting you dress formally for a casual road trip; instead, our collection of t-shirts offers a quality, practical solution. Available in different designs and colours, our t-shirts provide a comfortable yet stylish addition to your wardrobe. They’re absolutely perfect for summer road trips, too, and do not err too much on the side of being either too thick or too thin.
Depending on the time of year, however, you may want to consider a backup option. Heading out with the roof down in nothing but a t-shirt is, regrettably, difficult in this country. As a safety blanket, consider our popular “winged” rugby shirts. Casual enough to fit perfectly with whatever look you’re going for, while also being warm enough to provide comfort after the mid-day sun, these versatile pieces are a must-have for anyone facing the elements on an unpredictable summer’s day.


Baseball cap

Image of a London Morgan baseball cap

Depending on your stylistic preferences, you may be inclined to sport some sort of headwear during your road trip. We offer a selection of caps, all featuring our own branding. If you’re looking for something timeless, then our 3-wheeler baseball cap could provide the perfect fit. Proceed with caution, though, as an open roof on a slightly windier day could well cause some problems.
It also advisable to wear the baseball cap correctly. Wearing one backwards isn’t exactly befitting of a Morgan driver. Furthermore, it’s important to consider how the cap complements the rest of your attire; its colour should either match or work well with another aspect of the ensemble.


General rules

London Morgan summer road trip

The key to enjoying a summer road trip is to allow for a degree of spontaneity. Yes, plan to a degree, and ensure that you have some essential items with you. We would suggest, however, that you embrace the relaxed atmosphere that a Morgan getaway never fails to provide. Developing an itinerary and packing enough for a weekend away may detract from the frivolity of such occasions, and that’s not what we’re pointing you towards.
The thrill of a Morgan road trip needn’t be complicated. The sheer fact that you’re driving one of Britain’s most quintessential, timeless motors is, really enough. This guide has been an attempt to complete the look and feel that ought to define all summer road trips.
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