Jo Elvin #MyLondonMorgan

As the former editor of Glamour, Jo Elvin encapsulates all that is stylish; one need look no further when discerning excellent taste. She regularly delights her Twitter and Instagram followers with her fashion-forward looks, cleverly captioned #clothesmyhusbandhates. Excitingly, Jo Elvin has also just launched her brand new podcast Is It Just Me?




We met up with Jo for her #MyLondonMorgan story, looking to find out just what she thought of our beautiful Morgan cars. As one would expect from someone with such excellent taste, she fell quickly in love.


A photo of Jo Elvin sat within a London Morgan Aero 8 with a burnt orange interior

Jo Elvin at London Morgan, Astwood Mews


Jo Elvin was right at home in London Morgan’s stunning Aero 8 with a stylish orange interior – never one to shy away from bold looks, the car suited Jo perfectly.



“The Morgan is so beautiful and incredibly powerful so at first I was slightly daunted by getting behind the wheel, but it’s a dream drive.”





Looking spectacualr, Jo took to the London streets in the Aero 8 with ease, describing it as a brilliant car to drive. We mix our very own classic aesthetic with bold touches and excellent driving capabilities, making the Aero 8 a true pleasure to experience.



“The featherlight steering surprised me on such an ‘old fashioned’ car – but of course it’s anything but.”






“It was equally at home meandering through London’s skinny streets as it was throttling down the motorway to East Sussex.”



A car for all purposes, whether nipping through Chelsea or driving out to the country, a Morgan Motor performs impeccably and earns you admiring stares along the way. Every drive is a true Morgan adventure!


Jo Elvin posing outside London Morgan in Kensington with an Aero 8 Morgan

Jo Elvin at London Morgan, Astwood Mews



“I loved all the wide-eyed stares it got wherever we took it too!”



And we loved having Jo at our showroom; loved seeing her delight at the Morgan cars! Until next time…