John Sandoe (Books) Ltd & London Morgan Collaborate

A shared passion for quality and taste made it natural that we at London Morgan and the booksellers at John Sandoe Books, our Chelsea neighbours, should become firm friends. The friendship blossomed when we learned that Johnny de Falbe, one of the directors, celebrates Easter with his family each year by firing up the Merlin Spitfire engine that has lived in a relation’s Leicestershire barn for the last few decades.


Due to this happy literary fraternising, we can now bring you the next chapter in the story of London Morgan collaborations.


As purveyors of the beautiful and the bespoke, we are extending our reach from automobiles to books by launching a collaboration with the gorgeous John Sandoe Books of Chelsea to bring you a monthly book recommendation.


A stone’s throw from Sloane Square, John Sandoe’s is one of London’s foremost and best-loved independent bookshops, with a global reputation. Established in 1957, it is famous for its period Georgian façade and beguiling interior; a wonderful treasure house in which to lose track of time amid the latest and best in world literature. It is a legend amongst bibliophiles.


So join us as we explore the infinite world of books. We will bring you fresh (but not always new) reads on a regular basis, from the combined inspirations of London Morgan and John Sandoe’s. Who knows, you may even get a chance to have your own favourite books showcased for other Morgan owners to discover. The books will be showcased through our own London Morgan website and are available to buy online from John Sandoe’s.


While you’re waiting for the first book recommendations, take a virtual look at John Sandoe (Books) Ltd. Their website is a delight and their book selections are thought to be quite the best in the business. John Sandoe’s offers a great range of services, from library building to out of print book searches, wedding lists and gift subscriptions. You’ll be sure to find their quarterly catalogues of new and forthcoming books of interest too.