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John Sandoe (Books) Ltd & London Morgan

A shared passion for quality and taste ensures that we at London Morgan and the booksellers at the gorgeous John Sandoe (Books) Ltd, our Chelsea neighbours, have become firm friends. John Sandoe’s has been a leading independent bookshop for sixty years and enjoys a global reputation.

As purveyors of the beautiful and the bespoke, we are extending our reach from automobiles to books by launching a collaboration with Sandoe’s. Together we will offer you monthly book recommendations, ranging from a novel to tuck into your suitcase to spectacular illustrated books.

As our project gathers momentum, you will be able to browse the metaphorical shelves of our past recommendations. Whether you decide to pluck a book or two from the selection, or opt for the superb subscription bundle which will bring fresh literary excellence to your door each month, we have something to suit all book lovers.

The Book Shelf

Here you will find insightful recommendations for your reading pleasure. Hand-picked by the esteemed staff at John Sandoe (Books) Ltd, London Morgan present the monthly book recommendations. These books are sure to broaden the mind, stimulate the imagination, and feed that intellectual quest for ‘more’.

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London Morgan Subscription

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Tailored to the particular tastes of Morgan fans, the London Morgan Subscription by John Sandoe (Books) Ltd brings together a range of genres, threaded together by an unending adoration for the evocative, the innovative, the elite. From memoir to thriller, travel to fiction, this broad range aims to expand the mind and senses to new concepts, worlds, and ways of seeing, all whilst maintaining the outstanding quality that is synonymous with all that we support and do.

By signing up to the subscription, you will receive a brown-paper parcel each month containing a whole new world. Whether for you or for a loved one, this subscription will captivate and delight throughout the year.

Subscription prices include UK postage. Postage to other parts of the world will be added (at cost) to the subscription price when we confirm the details of your order.

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