Limited Edition Aero GT Announced with London Morgan

When the Aero 8 was being developed back in 2015, the Morgan design studio (under the refreshing guidance of Jon Wells) worked hard to build and share the perfect manifestation of this extraordinary car.


Today, taking the Aero 8 as their base, Morgan have given us the Aero GT. A supremely aerodynamic, race-inspired super-car that is a subtle exaggeration, enhancing the best features of the Aero 8, thereby creating a very distinct identity.


“Designers are […] unrestrained in their ability to challenge the forms and their functions”
— Jon Wells, Head of Design


In the Aero GT, Jon Wells has done just that and challenged the forms and functions that were invested into the Aero 8 to industry wide praise. As with all of their cars, Morgan Motors never quite forget those drawings left on the cutting room floor but be assured this is not a clerical issue for their archivist – this is out of respect for their tradition and automotive ancestry. It’s the reason why they have been going for over 100 years.


“A great deal of emotion is invested in every design and manufacturing decision that is made, we think that perceptibly enhances both the aesthetic and the experience of our cars.”
— Steve Morris, Managing Director


With the first Aero GT now built there is a satisfaction in the work that has been done by both the design team and the craftsmen that have made it.


“As a company, we are about vehicles that really exercise the imagination of the designer and the ability of the craftsman”
— Jon Wells, Head of Design


The 8 cars are being made in 8 unique, handmade iterations for each of the 8 customers and will be delivered to their owners in 2018. Some of the work on these cars has been done by one of the foremost coachbuilding talents working in the UK, perhaps in the world, and we will be writing more about this shortly.


“I am delighted the Morgan family has allowed this expression of the Aero design to become a reality. This is very much a sign of things to come from Malvern”
— John Wells, Head of Design


The Aero GT will be receiving a grand unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2018 and we encourage you to come and see it in the flesh.


To get up close and personal with this 8-of-a-kind automobile, make sure to stop by and see the Morgan reveal in Geneva next year.


A close up, angled shot of the fabricated body work on the Morgan Aero GT