London Morgan – A Year in The Limelight

“The Morgan is not like other cars, and it does not seek to be. It is beautiful, it is strange; it is very nearly mad. People who own a Morgan speak as if from inside a cult.”

Tanya Gold, Vogue


From the dizzying luxury of The London Magazine’s wish list, to the eccentrically full-throttle experience that Vogue had in our car, London Morgan have had an enigmatic year in the press. We have been honoured to loan our breathtaking motors to the discerning admirer and have been thrilled to read of their unique and exceptional experiences roaming Britain’s roads in a Morgan. Whether it be the hustle and bustle of the capital city or the alluring solace of the countryside, Morgan cars have been enjoyed in some of the most intriguing of settings.


“It is a bold British car, uncut. A drug consumed neat. It will take you flying, though you might leave it shaking, and I did.” – Tanya Gold, Vogue

Tanya Gold, Vogue


Quintessentially British


As well as our dear jaunt away with Hemingsworth founder Matt Jones, our cars have been integral to numerous treats – including a country retreat to Beaverbrook with Forbes and an afternoon tea at the Langham Hotel with Sean O’Grady of The Independent.


“The look goes back to the 1930s, and is as striking, elegant and handsome as ever it was; the ornate hand-beaten panels at the front with the famous (though rarely glimpsed) Morgan grille.”

Sean O’Grady, The Independent


Before the Camera


“We invited the best British brands out there that could culminate our quality story, including Roger W Smith, Fox Brothers, Spirit Yachts and of course Morgan Motors. Each of these brands has their own uncompromising attitude towards quality and this is what attracted us to Morgan.”

Matt Jones of Hemingsworth


Set against such a stunning backdrop as the English countryside, our cars stood their own in their many photoshoot appearances, cementing the scene and serving as a perfect enhancement for many brands showcasing their exquisite designs.


In Conversation


In 2018, London Morgan also had the pleasure to sit in conversation with many, to talk about our endless love affair with the Morgan car. From our favourite places to drive, to the best occasions for you to drive your Morgan (hint – all of them, really) and more, we had a fantastic year waxing lyrical about our passion, and all with great company.


“Although these iconic vehicles are rightly prized by the rich and famous (Mick Jagger, David Gandy and Tilda Swinton are all owners), the unique quality of the cars lends them a universal appeal.”

Ettinger Journal


With such a stunning 2018, we’re looking forward, as ever, to see what new journeys 2019 will bring.