London Morgan Sponsors the Petworth Festival Literary Weekend 2016

Nestled near the South Downs National Park sits Petworth, a quiet, small town with historic architecture and picturesquely quaint views. However, for a few weeks of the year it becomes a bustling artisan hub, drawing together musicians, performers, and lovers of the written word to spend the time soaking in the adroit insights of everyone gathered there. In support, London Morgan are proud to be sponsoring the Petworth Festival Literary Weekend this year.


The Petworth Festival was first founded in 1979. Robert Walker, a composer living locally, identified the potential for a festival of arts with a basis in classical music. From this modest concept, the festival has since grown from a small week of musical appreciation to three full weeks covering a variety of musical traditions and artistic pursuits. People travel from across the country to spend time in Petworth and soak up all it has put together.


It was in 2011 that a literary festival weekend, actually spanning numerous days, was conceived. In the five years since, the literary weekend has received overwhelming support, both from the public and authors alike. In this time, iconic writers have flocked to the Petworth Festival Literary Weekend, including esteemed children’s author Lauren Child and Monty Python’s very own Michael Palin, to name just a few.



London Morgan have an outstanding appreciation for innovation, artistry, ingenuity, and passion. We uphold these values in everything we do, from our support of local artists in the London area, to our sponsorship of events such as the esteemed Petworth Festival Literary Weekend. By supporting such wonderful endeavours, we can be confident that we are doing all we can to continue the thriving, dedicated arts movement in Britain, helping the public to access these fantastic creative shows whilst offering a platform to the creative minds.


To find out more about the Petworth Festival Literary Weekend, running 2nd to 6th November, and to book your tickets now, visit the festival’s website. To see the other arts and events that London Morgan proudly involve themselves in, take a browse of our regular news updates.