Long-Awaited Morgan EV3: A Morgan Electric Car for 2018

First showcased as part of a Morgan Motor x Selfridges collaboration, a Morgan electric 3 wheeler has been long anticipated by motoring fans the world over. Although the special Selfridges limited edition Morgan EV3 was only available to just 19 lucky owners, the Morgan EV3 is now due to enter production from Q3 in 2018.


A photo of the new Morgan electric three wheeler car, the Morgan EV3, photographer in a warehouse style setting on a concrete floor


Morgan’s close collaboration with Frazer-Nash has been fundamental in allowing Morgan to craft this exciting and innovative electric car from their very own Pickersleigh Road workshop.


“We have been working closely on optimizing the EV3’s architecture in every way.” – Steve Morris, Managing Director of Morgan Motor Company


A side profile shot of the new Morgan EV3 electric car, with low lighting and a dark background


With a stiffer chassis, greater torque levels, and a 21 kWh Lithium Battery, each element of the Morgan EV3 has been carefully considered and honed in order to guarantee the exhilarating driving experience that a Morgan car is known for, all provided by an electric motor.


This industry-leading EV upholds our constant commitment to uniquely blending craftsmanship and technology to produce world-class new cars with a deep respect for the design and style of the past. The inspiration for the Morgan EV3 includes 1930s Aero-engine race cars, 1950s fantasy automatons, and even classic motorcycles.


A photo of a man driving the new Morgan EV3 - the first Morgan electric three wheeler. It is being driven on a road with grass either side and fog in the background.


“Morgan has always embraced the latest technology within its vehicles […] We appreciate the heritage and craft that Morgan brings to the world of EV technology.” – Noamaan Siddiqi, Business Development Director, Frazer-Nash Energy Systems


A close up photo of the Morgan EV3 dashboard showcasing a classic design with modern technology.


Boasting a range of 120 miles and a top speed of 83 mph, this Morgan electric car offers all the thrills that the world has come to know and love about these phenomenal, coach-built cars.


“A lightweight, spirited driving experience beneath a coach-built body is key to the identity of any Morgan. This remains a core focus throughout the development of the EV3.” – Noamaan Siddiqi, Business Development Director, Frazer-Nash Energy Systems