Louis-Nicolas Darbon – #MyLondonMorgan


Louis-Nicolas Darbon is a London-based artist who has serious sartorial style and shares a passion for Morgan cars. This month he stopped by our London showroom in Astwood Mews to experience a luxury weekend in the Plus 4 in silver which he drove to the airport to jump on a private jet. We found out more about Louis, art and appreciating craftsmanship.


The London Morgan: How old are you? Where did you grow up? 

I’m 34, I grew up between Versailles and Paris.

The London Morgan: Where did you go to school?
Louis-Nicolas Darbon: I went to school in Paris, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

The London Morgan: Why are you based in London? Or if not, where do you live now?
Louis-Nicolas Darbon: I’ve been based in London for 8 years, it’s what I call my home now – it’s the best city in the world. It has everything – culture, food, people from all over the world, beautiful parks and 5 airports (!) – it makes it the best city to travel from.


The London Morgan: What do you do for a living?
Louis-Nicolas Darbon: I’m an artist and I also run a production company that specializes in digital campaigns for brands – connecting brands with the right influencers and creating content that tells the brand story.

The London Morgan: We spotted you out in London in the Morgan, where did you spend your weekend in the car, where have you been?
Louis-Nicolas Darbon: The British countryside, it’s where I go to get new ideas, breathe fresh air and feel the calm before returning to the busy city.


The London Morgan: What was it that you liked about the car?
Louis-Nicolas Darbon: Everything, there isn’t a car out there quite like a Morgan.

The London Morgan: What was it that you didn’t like about the car?
Louis-Nicolas Darbon: What is there to not to like?

The London Morgan: Did the fact that it is handmade change the way that you felt about the car?
Louis-Nicolas Darbon: Being an artist I can only appreciate anything that is handmade, the craftsmanship, knowing the hours spent to create one piece. It’s like looking at an artwork that has been made with a computer – I can’t appreciate the art.


The London Morgan: What was it like to drive?
Louis-Nicolas Darbon: Fantastic! It’s a truly unique experience, anyone that hasn’t driven one yet will understand when they do.


The London Morgan: How did you get started in your job, the fashion world?
Louis-Nicolas Darbon: I started my career in fashion straight after university it’s also what took me to London, I always painted on the side and it was the era when Instagram just launched, I got discovered by a gallery through social media and the rest is history – it’s just been an ever-evolving career since then.

The London Morgan: Why do you think that fashion is important?
Louis-Nicolas Darbon: It’s maybe not fashion per se which is important but it’s your expression to the world, how you dress, what car you drive, what you watch you wear. It’s your personal window of self-expression.


The London Morgan: What inspired you to start your blog and what type of people follow you?
Louis-Nicolas Darbon: I realised that people want to know more about me, what I do, behind the scenes. I’ve always wanted to keep it as a place where people to go to find my travel guides, styling tips and a forum where I can get feedback of what they want to know more about.


The London Morgan: What are your tips for taking a great photo?
Louis-Nicolas Darbon: It’s all about the locations and the angles, you can be at the same place as someone else and the photos will look completely different, you need to know what will translate into a photo especially for social media.


The London Morgan: Tell us about Fashion Week; what are your highlights, what are you looking forward to and what are your survival tips?
Louis-Nicolas Darbon: I always look forward to seeing what people that attend the shows wear to Fashion Week or Pitti Uomo, and of course meet industry colleagues that always gather at these times. But I tend to do a few shows and presentations– rather than going to everything and get overwhelmed.


The London Morgan: What are your wardrobe essentials?
Louis-Nicolas Darbon: A navy suit, a black leather jacket, a white crisp shirt, white sneakers, a double breasted camel coat and a classic watch.


The London Morgan: Would you add a Morgan to that wardrobe now?
Louis-Nicolas Darbon: Immediately, I’ve got my eye on a Morgan Plus 4 in black wheels and tan brown interior or perhaps English racing green – it’s a tough choice.


The London Morgan: What do you think a car should say about you?
Louis-Nicolas Darbon: Everything.


The London Morgan: What’s your favourite restaurant/and London pub?
Louis-Nicolas Darbon: London has so many good places, I do like the bar at Chiltern Firehouse and Isabel for dinner.


The London Morgan: Which influencers inspire you on Instagram and which do you avoid?
Louis-Nicolas Darbon: So many! Everything from other artists to travel accounts and watches and car pages. I do like influencers that go the extra mile to take that incredible shot. Instagram has a place for everyone, I stumble across cool people every day.


The London Morgan: What advice would you give to a younger you and what do you wish you hadn’t known when you were growing up?
Louis-Nicolas Darbon: Do what you are passionate about, believe in yourself and work really hard. You don’t have to do what everyone else does.

The London Morgan: Handmade or value for money?
Louis-Nicolas Darbon: Handmade.


The London Morgan: AI or collective consciousness?
Louis-Nicolas Darbon: Collective consciousness.



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