Luxury Items to Accompany Your London Morgan Weekend Getaway

Taking your Morgan for a weekend getaway allows you to fully embrace everything our brand stands for. As our established customers know, we have an eye for life’s finer things; we always encourage our customers to peruse our selection of luxury items so that they, too, can appreciate the best life has to offer.


With that in mind, we’ve assembled a guide to help ensure you’re fully prepared for your next weekend getaway. From premium travel bags to stunning sunglasses, our list will have you covered.


Travel Bags

Regardless of your destination, no weekend getaway is ever complete without a stylish, luxury travel bag. Here at London Morgan, we supply a wide range of bags that all serve different purposes. Some are perfect for carrying your entire weekend wardrobe, while others are more practical for spontaneous day-long road trips.


Our Aviator 1909 Morgan Travel Bag perfectly complements the luxury leather interior of all Morgan cars, the timeless colour range accompanying both light and dark tones. The bags are available in cream, black, and tan, too, giving you the option to tailor your choice to both your stylistic preferences and your Morgan itself. As the premium travel bag available from London Morgan, it would always be our choice for a weekend getaway.


Aviator 1909 Morgan Travel Bag in Genuine Cream Leather-0


Next on the list is our Large Leather Holdall, which is perfect for anyone likely to be on the move a little more. Still large enough to hold all of your weekend clothes, this slightly more casual product suits anyone who’s spending the majority of their weekend sampling different locations. Incredibly easy to pack and transport, our “Charles” and “Harry” ranges are must-haves for anyone who prefers a less formal look.


Charles - Large Leather Holdall embossed with Morgan Wings - Brown-3881


Finally, our Morgan Messenger Bag is a light, stylish option for truly spontaneous day trips. Perfect for carrying books, iPads, and smaller items, the messenger bag is ideal for anyone prone to an impromptu spin. It’s also a great choice for a day bag during an extended road trip. Rather than carry a large overnight bag around when you’re on off exploring, choose something a little smaller without sacrificing ample space.


Morgan Messenger Bag - Brown-0


Driving Gloves

For anyone looking to complete their luxury London Morgan look, high-quality driving gloves are another must-have. These genuine leather pieces fit in perfectly with your Morgan’s interior, from the steering wheel, to the dashboard, to the seats. Choose from a range of colours to suit your own car and the rest of your outfit.


Not only are driving gloves an essential part of your Morgan weekend getaway from a stylistic point of view, they also serve a variety of more functional purposes. For example, they provide comfort in different temperatures and help combat hand fatigue. You should never feel that you have to wait until the temperature exceeds 20 degrees before putting the roof down, and the right driving gloves will allow you to enjoy all of your Morgan’s features regardless of the elements. Extra grip and the maintenance of your steering wheel complete our list of more functional benefits.


In terms of our selection, our Leather Driving Gloves offer all of the above benefits and are available in brown or black. With the Morgan “Wings” logo embossed and the very highest quality of leather used in all of our gloves, we guarantee they’ll make a superb addition to your road trip wardrobe.


An image of London Morgan driving gloves



From a fashion perspective, no Morgan weekend getaway would be complete without the right pair of sunglasses. The right glasses enhance any outfit, and we see no reason to restrict their use to the warmer months, either. Thanks to our collaboration with Taylor Morris, we’re able to supply customers with truly stunning items that perfectly combine innovation with tradition. As a wonderful example of British design, all of our sunglasses fit perfectly in with everything we offer. With a range of different lenses and rims available, we’ve got premium sunglasses to suit everyone’s taste.


Aside from looking great, all of our sunglasses provide essential protection throughout the year from the sun. Whether you’re making your trip during the summer, when the sun’s at its strongest, or the winter, when the road can make a weak, watery sun an impossible obstacle, our products have been designed specially to make your driving as easy and as comfortable as possible. With different options when it comes to lens colour, you can pick the pair that provides you with the best individual protection possible. Finally, our glasses also come with anti-reflective lens coating, meaning you won’t need to worry about navigating blinding winter roads again.


Taylor Morris Morgan "C8 Snake Wood" Designer Sunglasses-3517


Clothing Accessories

We would also recommend a number of our clothing accessories for your weekend getaway. In addition to items that are designed for you to wear while driving, we also supply a range of products that are perfect for either side of the journey. Our winter scarves and breeze blockers help keep the cold out both en route and after you’ve reached your destination, while our blanket range is another highly fashionable item for keeping the wind out. If you’re planning a picnic, then our range of picnic rugs are perfect for anyone looking to take theirs in style.


Grey Wool Check Winter Scarf with Wings logo-0


Getting in touch

Driving a Morgan is the height of luxury, and so we firmly believe that we should provide all of our customers with the opportunity to extend that luxury into other parts of their life. In addition to those items that perfectly suit a weekend getaway, we also supply a range of high-quality products for other aspects of your driving experience.


If you have any questions regarding our products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call us on 020 7244 7323, or fill out one of our online contact forms. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to size, colour, or style, then we’re confident we’ll be able to help you out.