Morgan’s Place Among the Classic British Cars

Morgan has spent 110 years earning its spot in the upper echelons of classic British cars. Accompanied by the likes of Aston Martin and Rolls Royce, Morgan can indubitably claim to be one of the country’s finest when it comes to traditional British motor companies.
Here, we assess what makes Morgan such an integral part of the British motor industry by examining the style, history, and driving experiences that have defined its cars for over a century.


Unmistakable Style


“The 4/4 is hugely appealing to those who love classic engineering and motoring”

– Independent
A photo of the Morgan Plus 4 taken with Matt Jones for Hemingsworth, from London Morgan

The clearest contributing factor to Morgan’s reputation is, unsurprisingly, the way the cars look. Classic British cars all have unmistakable features; consider the grill on the Aston Martin DB5, or the sleek contours of the Jaguar E-Type. Morgan’s cars have the same identifiable features, to the extent that anyone with an eye for a classic car would have no trouble distinguishing an unbranded prototype.
The lightweight craftsmanship, combined with an expertly-crafted, handmade interior, helps cement the company’s place at the very top of the British classic cars list. Regardless of which model it is, these traits are shared across the board and are clearly in place on each and every Morgan vehicle. While the all-new Plus Six appears strikingly different from the very first 4-4 models, the cornerstones of design are evident across the board.


Morgan’s History


“Looking through one of their brochures is like looking back through time, and experiencing a Morgan car in the flesh is unlike seeing any other automobile.”

– Gentleman’s Journal
An image of one of the first prototypes by Morgan Motor Company

Consistent performances over a number of years are the common denominator shared by virtually every successful institution, and Morgan is no different. Similarly, an illustrious history is an absolute necessity for any company hoping to establish themselves as a classic British brand. For classic British cars, the bar is set even higher. Not only is an enviable performance history necessary; old models must be able to stand the test of time and improve with age.
Since the company’s establishment in 1909, Morgan have remained at the forefront of innovation while constantly maintaining a traditional touch. It is this combination that has allowed Morgan cars to become what they are today: an embodiment of British values and standards, and one of the country’s most complete classic cars. From the very first three-wheeler design to the all-new Plus Six, Morgan’s track record in manufacture is renowned.


The Driving Experience



” … the gleaming Morgan Roadster nosing onto the cobbles could not be more special … “

– The Telegraph

Finally, to complete our assessment, we must discuss the actual experience of driving a Morgan car. Any car claiming to be one of Britain’s classics should be a pleasure to drive, and we would certainly argue that each and every Morgan produced offers a truly special drive.
Whilst you would expect a smooth drive from most premium cars these days, Morgans offer a unique level of delicacy. The lightweight nature of Morgan motors allows you to feel each and every road, exactly how you would want to feel them. Turning the keys in a 4/4, Roadster, or any other model for that matter is enough to give even the most experienced drivers butterflies; we encourage anyone lucky enough to share that feeling to embrace it, and to enjoy the ride.


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