Morgan Plus 8: London Morgan Present the Plus 8 50th Anniversary Edition


“The Plus 8 has always been the driver’s Morgan.” — Steve Morris


In 1968, the iconic Morgan Plus 8 was first revealed. Now, 50 years later, we’re looking ahead to another big reveal – the striking Plus 8 50th anniversary edition.


A logo for the Morgan Plus 8 50th anniversary edition with a black background with a blue faded '50' in the background and white text in the foreground saying 'Plus 8' and '50 years an icon'


The Morgan Plus 8 achieved great success over the many years of its production, becoming an iconic car both on and off the track. With its trademark Rover V8 engine, the original Plus 8 was named after this famed eight cylinder engine. Beginning production again in 2012 with the new 4.8 litre BMW engine, the car continues to thrill and delight all who sit behind the wheel.


“Born on the racetrack […] performance pedigree underpins every Plus 8 we have built.” — Steve Morris


A photo of a classic Morgan Plus 8 in blue, racing on a race track, shot from front on


Each re-iteration of the Plus 8 has birthed a new icon, a new driving experience. From the original car created by Peter Morgan, to the acclaimed new 2012 model, this special car has maintained its status as consistently offering the greatest power to weight ratio of any Morgan Motor car. One of the lightest V8 passenger cars in the world, the Morgan Plus 8 can achieve 0-62mph in just 4.5 seconds, and boasts a top speed of 155mph.


“This famous V8 was a darling of the automotive industry […] an unrivalled machine offering raw exhilaration and effortless power.” — Jon Wells


After half a century of producing this magnificent vehicle, Morgan are celebrating with a special car produced to mark the occasion. The Morgan Plus 8 has long been a pioneer of new technology, and the limited edition Plus 8 50th anniversary edition will be no exception.


A black and white photo of someone driving an original Morgan Plus 8 outside the Morgan factory


“We can’t reveal everything about the Plus 8 50th Anniversary Special Edition yet but we’re excited […] We can’t wait to unveil the car at Geneva in March.” — Steve Morris


The 50th anniversary edition of the Plus 8 will be the final 50 of this car built with the acclaimed BMW 4.8L V8, and with a production line of just 50, this car aims to pay homage to the striking iterations of the Plus 8 over its many years.


Just like its parent, this special edition of the Plus 8 beautifully combines luxury and technology, merged together with expert craftsmanship. To witness the grand unveiling, another point in Morgan Motor history, visit us at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show in March. See if you can spot the carefully tailored design details that celebrate this half a century of world class production.