The New Morgan Roadster: LMV6

From its sophisticated outer to its luxurious inner, the new Morgan roadster from London Morgan is a show-stopper from head to toe. Each exceptional feature has been carefully considered, with this new Morgan car featuring a range of unique options depending on your preferences, keeping true to the bespoke nature of the Morgan roadster line.


The car’s exceptional performance cannot be overstated. The aluminium and ash LMV6 is an extremely lightweight roadster at just 950kg. This gives the new morgan roadster a power-weight ratio of around 300 bhp per tonne – an exceptional feat of engineering for the LMV6.


To ensure your drive in the London Morgan roadster is as thrilling an experience as you can imagine, the 3.7 litre Ford Mustang Cyclone engine delivers exceptional power which is complemented by the limited slip differential with cone drive. This delivers phenomenal traction off the line and ensures you can handle the Mustang’s incredible power.


Far be it from us to ignore style; style and substance go hand-in-hand at London Morgan and we applied this to our roadster car with vigour. Whether you choose the Jaguar Opalescent Blue or the Porsche Crayon Grey, this new Morgan offers a swathe of meticulous design choices from the black carpet trim to the Mulberry leather (for the grey LMV6) all the way to the bespoke embroidered headrest boasting the LMV6 logo.


Peruse the full spec of the LMV6 and contact London Morgan on 020 7244 7323 to find out more about the new Morgan roadster available from London Morgan. Whether you’re a long-time Morgan fan that wants to add this exceptionally special new roadster to your collection, or are a first-time Morgan buyer and our gorgeous LMV6 has caught your eye, we’ll be delighted to present this new Morgan roadster to you from our beautiful Kensington home.