Morgan Celebrates the Plus 4’s 70th Anniversary

And that’s not all …

70 years ago, one of Morgan’s most popular models ever produced was first released. We are, of course, talking about the timeless Plus 4 – a classic car to trump all others.


2020 marks a significant shift away from the traditional steel chassis, with these 70th anniversary models employing a gold-painted chassis to set them apart from every car Morgan has produced over the past 111 years.


The best part? London Morgan has secured a prized build slot. While deposits have already been taken on every remaining vehicle, a very limited number of late-production models still exist – one of which is available through us. That means that anyone interested in owning one of these prized pieces of heritage need only contact the team here at Astwood Mews.


What’s changed?

Image showing the Morgan Plus 4 prototype - 1950
The Morgan Plus 4 prototype from 1950

As we’ve already explained, this edition’s chassis has been painted gold; with 70-year milestones traditionally recognised with platinum, the Platinum Metallic paint used here represents the perfect acknowledgement of Morgan’s long, prestigious history. Satin, dark-grey wire wheels and an exterior black pack, complemented by a motorsport-inspired front valance complete the look.


The car’s interior sports the finest grade of leather, with the incredible detail of specially embroidered headrests help to set this model apart from all others. Morgan has handpicked its dashboard, carpets, and steering wheel, while the steering cowl, door handles, and footwell lighting enhance the experience inside this incredible vehicle. To cap it all, each vehicle features an individually numbered plaque to mark these cars as what they are: the last of their kind.


That’s not all, either; the model has also added an Aero Racing engine map, which lifts its power from 154 to 180bhp, while raising its 0-62mph acceleration time down under seven seconds. The Aero Racing sports exhaust, featuring a ceramic-black tail pipe, completes this perfect ensemble.


London Morgan


With only twenty of these vehicles left in production, they will represent a prized piece of Morgan history. To find out how you could secure our build slot for yourself, get in touch with the London Morgan team by calling 020 7244 7323 or filling out one of our online contact forms.