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The Morgan leather suitcase from London Morgan
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Morgan Leather Suitcase with Waterproof Driving Cover

Add an element of timelessness to your holiday or weekend break with this old-time Leather Suitcase from London Morgan. Available in black or brown, the Morgan Leather Suitcase, accompanied with a waterproof car cover, will make sure that you always travel in style, no matter what the world throws at you.


Sculpted from a tough, reliable leather, the Morgan leather suitcase is typically strong, yet still boasts a classy exterior, making it the perfect bag for any trip. Delicate features such as the embroidered wings and belt locks give the suitcase that extra bit of elegance, and with padlocks to boot, the security of your items will always be guaranteed.


Not only does the Morgan Leather Suitcase go a long way in making sure you look the part, it also covers every possible eventuality with a high-quality leather which is resistant to scratches, as well as a waterproof cover to help shield the suitcase from the elements.


Combine traditional style with a resolve which is fit for the modern day travelling experience and take this Morgan suitcase with you on your next adventure.


Dimensions – 80 x 30.5 x 55.2cm



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