Road Trips from London for a Magnificent Morgan Getaway

As they say, it’s not about the destination – it’s about the journey, and when you journey out from London in one of our impressive Morgans, that motto will never have felt more true. With that in mind, we’ve put together our favourite road trips from London to get you away from The Old Smoke and into the open country air.
Whether you’re looking to take your own car out for a countryside adventure, or want to immerse yourself in the full experience by hiring a Morgan car from us; with our recommendations of road trips from London you’ll be sure to fall in love with the journey, the adventure, and the thrill of the drive once more.
We’ve split it all up by region, and have given you a number of options whether you’re travelling North, East, South, or West from the capital. Finding new drives that genuinely excite you can be a difficult task, but we’re extremely confident that you’ll agree with us about everything listed below.



Destination: Bridego Railway Bridge, Mentmore
Journey: | 1.5 hrs | 45 miles | A40, A413 through Chiltern Hills |
What to look out for: The site of the Great Train Robbery

An image of a rural Buckinghamshire village

If stories of dark, stormy nights and infamous crooks of years gone by take your interest, then we’d thoroughly recommend heading North to Mentmore. A quaint village in rural Buckinghamshire, it’s actually not the place itself that’s famous, but a rather innocuous-looking bridge just to the north, which sees the railway run over an offshoot of the B488. Still sounding obscure? The bridge is Bridego Bridge, known nationwide as the site of the Great Train Robbery.
By taking the drive first from London to Mentmore, and then towards Leatherslade Farm, you can follow near enough the exact route that the gang used to get away. You’ll pass Cuddington and Chilton on the way, but the entire route offers fantastic views of the Vale of Aylesbury. Should you choose to go a little off the beaten track on your way to and from London and divert through Chiltern Hills, you’ll be treated to some truly spectacular views of rolling hills and intricate, woodland paths. The best time to travel, as is the case with many road trips from London, is probably a weekend morning; a summer visit will let you put the roof down and soak in the Morgan driving experience.



Destination: The White Cliffs of Dover
Journey: | 2 hrs | 99 miles | M20 out to the A20 Coastline |
What to look out for: Detour on the B2046 to Goodnestone Park

The White Cliffs of Dover: an excellent destination for a road trip from London

The drive to the White Cliffs of Dover is an impressive outing in itself. We suggest taking a detour on the B2046 for some exemplary winding country roads that take you to Goodnestone Park. After soaking in the heritage of the stately home and gardens, you can continue on to Dover to drive the winding coastal path to reach the famous white cliffs.
Cutting through the Kent Downs provides at least another hour of definitive country driving. You’ll struggle to find many better examples of picturesque England, with a patchwork blanket of fields and farmland woven into the rural landscape. Regardless of the season, the Downs always offer an incredibly rewarding trip – just make sure that you pick the right time of day. Travel down in the morning to have plenty of time for unplanned detours and spontaneous stops.



Destination: New Forest National Park
Journey: | 1 hr 40 mins | 80 miles | M3 |
What to look out for: Driving through the forest

An image of New Forest National Park, in the South West of England

As road trips from London go, this is arguably one of the more unusual. The drive to the New Forest National Park isn’t particularly enthralling, but once you’re there you can actually drive around the forest. The change in scenery hits you quite abruptly, and before you realise what’s happened you’ve been swallowed up by one of the most encapsulating scenes within a reasonable radius of the capital. It’s an amazing experience and provides a unique way of taking in this treasured National Park, especially in a Morgan with the roof down.
Animals have right of way in the park, so amble along slowly and keep an eye out for the amazing critters that inhabit the forest. There is plenty of different, more unusual wildlife to keep an eye out for, too, so you won’t have any need to drive quicker than you’re meant to. With 6 reptile species, 5 types of deer, and enough bird and insect variations to keep even the most reluctant nature-spotter occupied, there’s reason enough to visit the forest in its occupants alone.
It’s not all just wildlife, either. A host of events are also regularly held at the park, including drive-in movies to make your road trip from London feel even more like a step back into a classic era. There are also more regular events that take place outside of the car, if you’re interested in parking up and soaking in some of your surroundings on foot.

Destination: Beachy Head, Sussex
Journey: | 2.5 hrs | 86 miles | M25, A23 |
What to look out for: An incredible sunrise

An overhead view of Beachy Head, Sussex: a stunning coastal road trip from London

Again, this one’s not so much about the entire journey, but more the last stretch. Cruise along England’s south coast in your Morgan and get lost in one of the country’s most stunning coastal routes. Provided you time it right, you should be greeted at Beachy Head by a stunning sunrise and an unmistakably British waft of sea air. We’d recommend doing your best to arrive just as the sun begins to rise; it’s an early start, but a truly rewarding one.
Assuming that you do time your visit to Sussex to coincide with the sunrise, you’ll likely be travelling there in the dark. It’s important, therefore, to return along a specific route to get the most out of your drive. From Beachy Head, travel West towards Brighton, before then going north at Newhaven towards Lewes. Doing so, along roads such as the A259, will allow you to take in some of the south coast’s finest scenery.



Destination: Cleeve Common in the Cotswolds
Journey: | 2 hrs | 93 miles | M40 then A40 to Cheltenham |
What to look out for: The Romantic Roads

An image of a village and its houses in the Cotswolds

If you’re looking to go a little further afield than the Chiltern Hills, then the Cotswolds are full of breathtaking sights, meandering country roads and picturesque towns. It’s a wonderful area to explore and even without a plan you’ll find a plethora of routes to immerse yourself in, as it’s such a spectacular place to do some aimless driving.
There are some famous Romantic Road routes in Cheltenham to follow if you feel so inclined, and we love ending the day at Cleeve Common to head out on foot to the highest point in the Cotswolds. With footpaths leading you up to 330m above sea level, you’re gifted a view of the magnificent Malvern Hills – the home of the Morgan Motor. Want to make a weekend of it? Head on to Malvern and visit the Morgan factory for a glimpse into this iconic piece of British motoring history; the factory tours are ever popular so be sure to book in advance!

Destination: Wookey Hole
Journey: | 3 hrs | 153 miles | M4 to Cheddar Gorge |
What to look out for: Go via Cheddar Gorge for a stunning driving experience

An image of Cheddar Gorge, one of the most stunning available road trips from London in the entire country

This is a little far for just a one-day road trip from London, so you can make a weekend of it by staying in any number of beautiful spots in the area. Most importantly though, take your Morgan on an adventure through Cheddar Gorge, one of the most beautiful driving spots in England. Much like the scenery imagined by J.R.R Tolkein in his timeless stories, Cheddar Gorge tends to make anyone travelling through them feel somewhat insignificant in the company of such unencumbered natural beauty.
Once you’ve taken in the dizzying sights of Cheddar Gorge, head on to Wookey Hole and do a different kind of exploring. The rugged caves will feel a world away from the city of London, allowing you to get away from the hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in an old world of witches and caverns.


Closing thoughts


Our aim here was to offer you an inspirational insight into some of England’s finest road trips from London, and hopefully we’ve done that. Whether you’re strapped for time and are just looking for a 2-hour spin, or you’re looking to take your Morgan a little further afield and stay overnight along one of the country’s most charming trails, this list should have you covered.
Equally, if reading about country road trips has made you desperate to invest in a new pair of leather driving gloves, or to upgrade your overnight bag to one of our finest from the London Morgan collection, then get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.
Know of any more road trips from London that we’ve missed out? Let us know!