What Defines a Morgan Car?

The defining features of any brand can be hard to pinpoint; more often, a general feeling is evoked without the specifics really being considered. Thinking of almost any company is likely to conjure up certain thoughts and ideas, but what is it that contributes to that sense?


Here, we examine the Morgan Motor Company through this lens. As one of the most well-known brands in the British motoring industry, it is certainly an interesting case study.



A photo of the grill on the Morgan Plus 8 50th anniversary edition, with blue lacquered paint and a yellow hand-painted accent around the grill

Any brand hoping to make a name for itself must create, maintain, and develop its own identity. Within that identity are defining features, necessary to set the brand apart from others in the same industry. Morgan has established itself as one of Britain’s leading car manufacturers over the past 110 years, and that status helped form the company’s identity throughout the twentieth century.


‘One of Britain’s leading car manufacturers’ is a helpful phrase when it comes to defining the Morgan identity, with one word in particular standing out: Britain. Morgan is an unmistakably British brand, and looking closely at typical British values or traits provides an excellent insight into the values that underpin the brand. The cars, and everything produced by the company for that matter, are all unmistakably British – that is perhaps at the core of this identity.



An image of one of the first prototypes by Morgan Motor Company

Brands do not necessarily need a long, illustrious history to claim an identity. An identity can be created relatively quickly, especially with the current plethora of platforms online that can all be put to good use when it comes to brand building. Morgan, however, does have an illustrious history to work with. That history is undoubtedly an essential aspect of the brand; the company is extremely proud of its achievements both on the track and in the workshop. In an age long before influencer marketing and Instagram ads, Morgan acquired its reputation over a number of decades.


Staying true to the heritage of the company, every Morgan car continues to be produced in line with the very first models. Not only are three-wheeler models still being manufactured today, but the newest cars are also clearly closely related to the very first four-wheeler models. Morgan continues to stay true to its history in everything it does, and that’s not about to change.



Showroom image of the Morgan Plus Six

Morgan has also succeeded in leading the way when it comes to British car manufacture. While innovation may appear at odds with notions of embracing history and staying true to existing heritage, it is always possible to innovate without disregarding existing values. Maintaining everything that defines a Morgan car, while still innovating and taking the brand forward, is perhaps the aspect of this identity that the company should be most proud of.


A fine balance between this forward drive and the retention of core values is necessary to maintain Morgan’s reputation as a classic innovator.


Closing thoughts


Morgan is one of Britain’s proudest, most well-known car manufacturers. Understanding what makes Morgan such an icon within the motor industry is important in helping us to appreciate the company.


Morgan can be defined as a British, innovative company that will always stay true to its roots. When this assessment is considered, the cars and accessories begin to carry a little more weight. We should never lose sight of this sense, either; as soon as we do, we forget what it is to be Morgan.