What Makes Morgan Cars Unique?

Morgan cars are unique because they are still made with the tender love and care that began in 1909. They’re unique because no other company can compete with the rich, vibrant history that Morgan offers. It’s a simple question with simple answers – let’s take a look.


Every Morgan is Handmade


From chassis to paintwork, every element of a Morgan is handcrafted. We understand the need for automation and mass production, but without the human touch, a car loses something special. Morgans are unique because they go through several stages of development, each stage being overseen by veteran engineers.


When you buy a Morgan, you know that your vehicle has been built by a team of experts who are passionate and understanding of the craft. Built to order, Morgans offer a perfect, unique finish every time.


Crafted Wooden Frames


That renowned Morgan shape is only made possible because of ash-wood frames each vehicle comprises of. Ash-wood is used because of its remarkable flexibility and durability. Even our recent models are designed with wooden frames in mind to ensure that unique Morgan flavour.


Expert woodworkers manipulate the ash-wood either by hand or with intricate machines, forming the trademark Morgan shape.


A Rich History


Throughout the 20th century, Morgan cars consistently captured the attention of the world. We’re a fifth of the way through the 21st century now, and the world of Morgan has no signs of slowing down.


Morgan’s humble beginnings set them apart from the competition. H.S.F Morgan founded the company in 1909, and the Morgan Motor Company has continued to innovate ever since. From revolutionary three-wheel designs to countless award-winning models, Morgan cars continue to be the No. 1 choice for unique, bespoke motors.


Find Out More 


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