Why Should You Buy a Classic Car?

Motoring enthusiasts buy classic cars for many different reasons: the thrill of an authentic, unique driving experience; the unbeatable style that inevitably accompanies some of history’s most revered vehicles; and the feeling of being part of an exclusive community.


Of course, everyone’s motives are different. Some choose to own a classic car and not drive it, while others would brand that suggestion ludicrous. Even the idea of owning a classic car is too much for certain individuals, who may have heard terrifying statistics about depreciation and unreliable vehicles. Here, London Morgan have compiled a list of four reasons to own a classic car to help dispel some of the common myths surrounding this wonderful market.


1) Enjoy driving again


Classic cars provide unique driving experiences. They allow you to get closer to the road than ever before, ensuring you feel every contour as if you were a part of the car. Some are put off classic cars for the simple reason that driving them is not so effortless; to drive a classic car smoothly requires skill and attention.


In today’s age of automation and relative inactivity, however, such requirements should be viewed as a rare treat and not as an inconvenience. Is there any real enjoyment to be had from sitting in a seat while the metal around you drives itself? Perhaps for some. For others, though, too much automation only serves to detach us further from the activities we choose to spend our time on. Dedicating your attention to your car as you successfully navigate winding country roads allows you to experience the finer things in life. As our followers will know, that’s something London Morgan will always advocate.


2) Appreciation


While new cars often see thousands of pounds shaved off their value as soon as they are driven, a classic car will more than likely continue to increase the longer it runs. These vehicles are not only thrilling to drive – they also represent a sound investment provided they are properly cared for.


Therein lies the key; properly caring for a classic car is essential for anyone hoping to see its value rise. Allowing the vehicle to deteriorate by rarely driving it or being negligent when it comes to regular health checks will only serve to cost you more money overall.


3) Stand out


Classic cars are a perfect way of expressing your own personal taste. The type of car one chooses should always reflect their personality, and can say a lot about the type of person someone is. For anyone eager to share their enthusiasm for the motor industry with the wider world, classic cars represent a perfect opportunity to do exactly that.


4) Join a community


Owners of classic cars are, by and large, very enthusiastic when it comes to motoring. It makes sense, therefore, that they have formed the basis of an exclusive community over the years. Classic vehicles open up a range of new opportunities to attend different events and meet new people. For anyone seeking like-minded enthusiasts, a classic car represents something of a gateway into a new group of peers.


London Morgan


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